Day 1: Rubin's Bitcoin Advent Calendar

What says Christmas more than an Advent Calendar to count the days till Santa comes? Honestly, I’m not too sure, I’m a Jew. Happy Hanukkah everyone! But in the spirit of the season, I figured the community would love a series of blog posts (one a day) discussing the future of Bitcoin and Smart Contracts.

You can find an index of all the posts here.

So here’s how it’s going to work:

Today’s the first day!

Advent Calendars are designed to be from the 4th Sunday before Christmas till Christmas and as such vary in length. Lucky you; this year is a long one! Unfortunately for me, I’ve got to make 26 more exciting posts to pull this off. Each of these posts is going to be short-but-sweet (much like the chocolates you’re used to) and designed to highlight an important concept or idea about Bitcoin Smart Contracting. I’ll put each post on my personal blog, email out a link on the judica newsletter, and tweet it out.

This series is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a programmer, investor, pleb, or just trying to learn more. Through the series I’ll do my best to thoroughly introduce concepts for anyone to follow along and learn.

Of course I’m going to be a little biased.

The perspectives shared are my own and the focus is on things that I focus on, but I’ll do my best to present the balance and nuance!

If you want to send me some holiday cheer: 3E6p1UgrgwAFvZAF7xUiRcBR2vAEdYNXjZ

Hope you enjoy the series!

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