Verified DSP in Coq

Final Project for 6.888 Certified Systems Software

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Digital Signal Processors and microcontrollers are used widely in a wide range of devices and machines. There are many life critical applications, including medical equipment, transport, and communications. It is therefore of great importance to ensure the proper functionality of such devices. Many of these devices are simple, preferring to rely on a tried and true 8-bit architecture without a full operating system so that they may more easily reason about real-time responses to events. For in- stance, it could be disastrous to have a garbage col- lection pause while trying to apply the brakes of a car. However, this simplicity comes at a cost; without higher level constructs a programmer must manually write and check a lot more code due to the high resource constraints. Furthermore, it is hard for a programmer to verify that the code they wrote is correctly translated into the binary loaded onto chip, the compiled version may have different properties than desired. This paper presents a new framework, VerifiedDSP, for programming 8-bit Intel 8051 series microcontrollers and designing embedded Digital Signal Processing systems. It includes an 8051 simulator, a prototyping framework for mocking out specifications, and some higher level constructs to help programmers formalize the behavior and run time of control loops.

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