MeIT & GeoNote

MeIT in action This was my entry to MIT’s 6.470 IAP competition. I’ve taken it offline, so it is no longer available for use – sorry!

MeIT has two main features, the namesake MeITup and the GeoNote. MeITups provide a way for two interested parties to privately post missed connections. The general public will never see your own MeITups except in aggregate form as a part of the data visualizations. If and only if both users submit intersecting MeITups information is exchanged. GeoNotes provide a public way to share geographically tied messages. These postings are anonymous (unless you choose to add in contact information) and will only be displayed on the map for a couple of days. You can use a GeoNote for whatever you want - use it to let people know where the party is at, pickup athletics, or even post about public hazards.

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