The Combine

Final Project for CMS.360 Intro to Civic Media

There’s a problem brewing in America: the American way of life is facing an attack which could shred the fundamental liberties and rights enjoyed by its citizens to pieces. This attack is multifaceted, and comes not in the form of boots on the ground, but a misalignment on the fundamental tenets of what is required for free and open society.

Civic participation is down. Mistrust in the institutions which define our society is up, and for good reason; the government is failing to serve and protect its people. In the last decade or so, America has seen itself embroiled in seemingly pointless wars, responding poorly to national disasters like Hurricane Katrina, and mass surveillance programs have been revealed that put theories the “tinfoil hat” theories to shame.

Can civic participation and trust be restored? While this is debated, at least one small fact seems true: civic restoration cannot begin without first responding to the attack.

How does one respond to an attack?

With weapons.

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