Day 4 Overview

Shenzhen Adventure Day 4

Today (Day 4) was awesome, we toured various manufacturers to see the “end to end” development of a device. I’ve broken out the blogposts on each factory separately.

Lunch: We went out to lunch with some of the guys from one of the factories to a local place. The food was great, but a little unfilling as all I had was plain veggies. Luckily, I decided to keep a jar of peanut butter with me at all times so I had a couple spoonfuls in the car for protein. I was most intrigued by eating Gingko in a dish. It’s a kind of “creamy peanut” texture, with a potato-y taste. There were also these guys sitting near us who had the most incredible raspy voices, they were speaking an unknown local dialect and were basically shitfaced at noon.


Jon Lee rejoined us for dinner which was awesome! Of course it meant getting somewhat inebriated again (this time, baijiu and budweiser bombs). Again, they made sure there were plenty of options for me to eat which was great! The restaurant also had these amazing pots of tea, I drank a large volume of that. I was particularly excited to eat a whole water chesnut (never seen them not sliced).

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