Bootcamp Project Update

Shenzhen Adventure Day 9

Today we wrapped up our electrical changes to the orchard board. At the end of the day, we submitted our boards for Engineering Queries and price quotes.

I also added some sweet graphics to my board, this is what is will look like:

One thing people often ask is how bad the pollution is… Actually Shenzhen is basically a physically greener city than any other I’ve been to and the air is very clear. Of course, some days are better than others, today was particularly clear. What does suck is that everyone is smoking everywhere; that is probably worse for the air quality than other factors.

Bonus office selfie from Hax:

After work, we went out to dinner at Coco Park, the notorious clubbing part of Shenzhen. We didn’t go clubbing, but we went to a pretty western-menued bar & grill for beers and dinner.

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