Tea Ceremony

Shenzhen Adventure Day 11

The printing press guys were really the best – so good, they get three posts for one day!

Following our visit, they taught us how to do – and appreciate – the traditional tea ceremony.

To make the tea ceremony, first you use hot water in a little basin to wash out all of the tea cups. Then, you fill the teapot with tealeaves, and use the basin (with fresh water) to pour hot water over the leaves. You stir by gently shaking the tea for 30 seconds, and then pour out the water. The first wash is thrown out traditionally to make sure the leaves are clean. Then, you repeat and let steep for a few minutes. You drink all the tea, and then repeat over multiple washes of the tea.

The tea they were using was incredibly good; probably the best I’ve ever had. When we asked where it came from, they told us their friend grew it!

A parting gift

The week we were set to leave Shenzhen, the guys from the printing press sent us a big box of the tea we made the ceremony with. I’ve shared my stash of the tea with friends and family, sharing my stories from Shenzhen, especially the generosity of everyone who made us so welcome there!

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