Jasmine Rice Factory Tour

Thailand Adventure Day 38

Note the change of location!

While I was in Thailand visiting my friend there; I had the fortune of being able to visit his family’s rice processing factory. They’re basically the world’s largest Thai Jasmine Rice processing company.

That’s a lot of rice!

Unprocessed rice comes in like this.

Lots of random stuff mixed in…

The junk gets removed in big gravity sifters.

Gravity Sifting

Look at that junk!

The rice is then polished…

An array of polishers.


Then, an electronic separator uses jets of air to eliminate non rice things.

This uses some fancy machine vision to detect rice/non-rice.

The finished products

Shown are two different grades of rice


There is also some cool stuff going on to make sure the rice is of the right quality.



Measures transparency, whiteness, and the milling degree to judge quality.

There were several other tests as well, including an amylose test.

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