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tail -f /var/log/life

I’m hoping to start blogging more frequently – consider this the first post. I’m going to fill in some back-dated posts though.

Graduating MIT


I'm the biggest nerd

Well, I did it: I graduated MIT with my S.B. and M.Eng in 4 years! And apparently I was the most joyously nerdy.

Probabalistic Payments in Bitcoin using OP_SIZE

I designed a mechanism that allows for probabilistic payments in Bitcoin.

The foundation of the mechanism is sane, where it veers out of “sanity” is in the attempts to get it to work well off-chain.

I originally wrote this paper on November 26th, 2015, and circulated it among a few colleagues. I think this is the first use case of OP_SIZE to implement XOR fair coin flipping, although Secure Multiparty Computations on Bitcoin has similar elements and it was discussed on IRC in #bitcoin-wizards that OP_SIZE might enable probabilistic payments, but not specifically.

I am first posting it on my website as of March 11th, 2017.

full text here

Scaling Bitcoin

Part One

I’m honored to be serving as Program Chair for the first ever Scaling Bitcoin in Montreal.

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Returning Home

Shenzhen Adventure Day 51

Well, my travels in Asia are over. What better way to wrap things up than to make tea ceremony with mom and take photos on a shenzhen-selfie stick.

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